Why use SENIB instead of other energy calculation programs

  • The software is free for both commercial and private use.
  • If the property has a hydronic heating system then:

1. SENIB can be used to calculate the optimal energy consumption and the pre-setting values for the radiator valves. Why is it good to have both functions in the same program?

A. If two separate programs are used then certain values, like the U-values, needs to be entered at least two times. This increase the risk of careless mistakes compared to using one software.
B. Because the pre-setting values in SENIB are produced from the calculated optimal energy consumption then the actual energy consumption usually match the calculated one after the adjustment of the heating system.
C. After an adjustment of the heating system it is easy to get feedback on the energy consumption in relation to the outdoor temperature, if you just enter the meter readings in SENIB. Errors is the heating system might be detected then, which otherwise would have remained undiscovered. This feedback can be obtained easily because all the basic facts about the house is already entered in SENIB.

2. SENIB calculates the correct size of the circulation pump to be able to adjust the heating system with the low flow method. Therefore expect to always be able to supply water to all radiators in the house even if it has never been possible before. E.g. if the radiators on the top floor of a house has never received any water, then most likely a too large circulation pump is used which creates too high frictional losses in the piping.

3. SENIB will tell you how to optimize the energy consumption via solutions that are quick, affordable and which avoid the costly investment and disruption involved in the major upgrades commonly recommended. This is done by adjusting the heating system with SENIB's low flow method. Payback for the steps that has to be taken is rarely more than 2 years.

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