Problems with LibreOffice

You are always welcome to report any problems with SENIB, but please read the text below to find out which other versions of LibreOffice and OpenOffice you can also test if you suspect that there is a problem related to LibreOffice

First check that you are running LibreOffice You can find which version you are running on the menu "Help" inside LibreOffice. Some versions have certain problems. Version is tested to work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux but we don’t have the possibility to test all different variants and configurations of these operating systems so there could be problems with a configuration that we have not tested. However, we have never seen miscalculations without either an error message being displayed in one or more cells or in a message box.

So which version of LibreOffice or OpenOffice could you test and what are the differences

If you want to be able to download outdoor temperature statistics from NASA for international locations, LibreOffice is required in most cases. OpenOffice 4 can work on Linux and Mac OS but usually not on Windows. If you have problems with LibreOffice then test LibreOffice or the portable add-on package LibreOffice5_for_SENIBportable.exe (134 MB download, 635 MB installed) which should be unzipped to the same location as you unpacked SENIBportable.exe.

Note that if you have used SENIB prior to 5th of October 2021, you probably have SENIB files that were created before version 1.600 of SENIB was released. Those older files can be opened flawlessly with:

alternatively, files created with SENIB 1.000 to 1.212 can be opened with:

More specific system requirements can be found here.

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