Install SENIB

This tutorial mainly focus on the settings you have to do in OpenOffice if you choose to download The same settings has to be made for LibreOffice. The file SENIBwOO.exe is mentioned in the tutorial. Now that file is called SENIBportable.exe but the contents are pretty much the same.

In the file SENIBportable.exe all settings are already done, so if you download that file it's not important to watch this tutorial. Then you just open SENIBportable.exe and after that the included file manager Q-Dir. From Q-Dir you open 2UpdateSENIB.ods and follow the instructions.

Note that if you are using the installable version of LibreOffice and you want your project files to be compatible with computers that only have OpenOffice installed, then you should change the Load / Save settings for LibreOffice to save all files in the format "ODF 1.2 Extended Compatibility mode".

In some versions OpenOffice comments in cells are not shown when the mouse hovers over them. This is due to a setting in OpenOffice. If you can't see the comments then this setting can be changed by selecting the checkbox “Tips” on the menu Tools – Options – OpenOffice – General. See picture below.  

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