History of SENIB

In the 70s Östen Sandberg invented the low flow method for adjustment of heating systems, which has many advantages over the more commonly used high flow method. Around the same time the civil engineer Hans Lönn started the company AB Fastighetsanalys (Property Analysis). He had started to develop a methodology for the calculation of the necessary energy consumption in buildings. He called it "the template" and with the help of Östen’s experiences from the Lombolo area in Kiruna, Hans could confirm that the "template" worked very good.

In 1982 he came out with a first book on the subject. The book was revised 1984 in a new edition that can be ordered at the Swedish version of this website. (The book is only available in Swedish.)

Until 2009 the company used the original “template” for all projects but then his son Fredrik Lönn started to be more active in the company. Since he also had an interest for computer programming he started to work on the software SENIB, which is a further development of the original "template".

Future of SENIB

Expect that SENIB will be updated for many years to come so that you can continue to use the software on newer operating systems, at least on Microsoft Windows if it continues to be the leading operating system in the future. Of course bugs that are discovered will also be corrected in newer versions of SENIB.

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